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Cris A.
24 June 1986
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remember me for who i pretended to be.
4b pencils, aesthetics, amanda palmer, anna karina, apples, art, as if, bad taste, bbc, beauty, bed, being silly, berlin, bertolt brecht, best friends, bic pens, bikes, billy childish, blue hair, breakfast, bret easton ellis, bright eyes, broken hearts, cat power, cold war, conspiracy theory, courtney killed kurt, crying, damaged goods, daniel clowes, daniel johnston, david cronenberg, david lynch, deborah jeane palfrey, del shannon, denial, dinosaurs, dresses, dying alone, edith piaf, edward hopper, eels, eleanor rigby, elephants, ellie greenwich, elliott smith's death, emilyn brodsky, empty trains, ex-soviet countries, exclusion, eyeballs, falling, fascination, favourite words, film noir, fruit trees, fucked-up sociologists, gardens, georges méliès, giorgio de chirico, glenn gould, harmony korine, harold and maude, hating the little prince, hefner, help she can't swim, hitchcock, holding hands, holly golightly, horror movies, hotel new hampshire, hugo ball, innocence, irvine welsh, jan svankmajer, jarvis cocker, jetset-women in public-transport, jim jarmusch, john waters, juan de pablos, kafka, kimya dawson, kurt weill/lotte lenya, kyle maclachlan's hands, laughing, lewis carroll, melorra times, mijaíl bulgákov, mirror writing, mk ultra, moldy peaches, monsters, morphological plasticity, motormark, mtv, nico, nietzsche, nikki corvette, nina simone, nose bleeding, numbers, oscar wilde, pablo picasso, painting, passing notes in class, patrick wolf, paul klee, peter greenaway, philip glass, pink and green, postcards, reading in bed, reasons-have-run-away-but-the-feeling-never-did, regaliz rojo, roald dahl, ryan murphy, saki, scientific concepts, scribbling, self-induced, silent movies, sparklers, spelling, spit bubbles, steve buscemi, street music, sunflowers, terry zwigoff, that 70s show, the 90s, the dresden dolls, the indelicates, the princess bride, the shangri-las, the smiths, the witches, the-more-you-change-the-less-you-feel, thee headcoatees, third age alcoholism, twin peaks, video, water, weimar republic, wes anderson, what would morrissey say, wigs, william s. burroughs, you-might-have-my-wardrobe-you-don't-have-my-style, zombieland,